Sunday, 4 February 2018

A Festival With a Difference

It’s a Jewish festival. We’re not sure what the festival is. Probably, the feast of Tabernacle or the festival of Purim. Doesn’t matter! It’s a festival. And hence, a celebration.

On the top of it, it is Sabbath. The Holy Day for the Jews.

In Jerusalem, by the Sheep gate, you find a pool. All you see around the pool are people with disability or disease. People waiting for a miracle. People waiting for a great number of years, just for one miracle, that could change their life.

But no one seems to be bothered about this crowd of people.

Everyone else is busy in their own festive mood. Celebrating years of togetherness, meeting age-old friends, exchanging hugs and love – everyone else is busy. Busy in their own world!

Here, this lot of people – the blind, the lame, the paralyzed, are waiting for the pool to be stirred. Apparently, the first person to get into the pool, once the pool is stirred, probably by an angel, receives instant healing.

A man, invalid for the last 38 years, never got the chance to get into the pool first, simply because there was no one to lift him and drop him in.

Here comes someone, Lord Jesus!

He shuns meaningless festivity. He is not to be seen among the religious Jews. He is not beside the altar.

He is among the sick. And the diseased.
He is among people who are helpless.
He is among those who are looking for someone to help them.
He is among those neglected by the society.
He is among those who are longing for an acceptance.

Still today, He is among those who need love, acceptance, forgiveness or healing.

It took Him just a moment to heal the man, who was invalid for 38 years. He is the same unchanging God yesterday, today and forever.

It will take Him just a moment to do a miracle in your life.

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