Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Safest Place To Be

Safety is no more a personal choice; it is rather a universal concern. From helmets to seat belts, from awareness drives to compulsory health insurance, from child safety services to financial safety, measures are taken and rules are being laid to assure safety of people, lives and belongings.

Are these efforts winning their fight towards protection? Although these measures are welcome, they have their own limitations.

But did you know there is a place that offers you round-the-clock guaranteed safety and protection?

One psalm that Christians would have read over and over again, but still find new hope every time it is read is Psalm 91.

A lovely psalm that talks about the 24-hr protection in God’s presence, across the length and breadth of your existence!

Protection during day time, protection during night time
Protection from pestilence, protection from destruction
Protection when you’re alone, protection when you’re surrounded by wicked
Protection from evil, protection from diseases
Protection from accidents, protection from enemies

The Psalmist does not end here:

When you are in God’s presence, you’ve deliverance, you’ve exaltation, you’ve answer to your prayers, you’ve honor, you’ve the blessing of a long life and above all, you’ve salvation.

How amazing! What is more worthy of being desired than this awesome presence of God – the secret place of the Most High?

Are you finding it hard to reconcile these verses with the experiences you are going through? Wondering why countless believers still face hard times, dangers and problems in life?

These verses do not indicate absence of danger, but joy and safety in God’s presence, amidst struggles and challenges.

There will be perilous pestilence, but have faith God can deliver you. There will be arrows thrown at you, but do not be afraid. There will be stones in your journey, but believe angels will guard you.

If you begin to focus on your problems, you lose sight of God who can solve your problems.

Don’t panic. There are uncertainties in life. There is danger everywhere. But you are shielded. You are safe when you’re in the presence of God.

God’s presence is the only source of ultimate joy and protection – the knowledge that even when you pass through the deep waters or fiery furnace, His hands still holds you.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Embracing Hope at Hard Times

"Look, even if the LORD should open the floodgates of the heavens, could this happen?" 2 Kings 7:19
These words by the officer echo the valley of hopelessness he was going through.

The entire city of Samaria was facing acute famine. So horrendous was the famine that pigeons’ dropping was unaffordable and a donkey’s head was a luxury. More so, a mother wouldn’t mind boiling the child she begot, so that she could eat him and fill her growling stomach.

Are you going through a similar hopeless situation in your life. Do you say it is impossible for a miracle to happen. How could this be? Even if God would open the floodgates of heaven, my life wouldn’t change. My disease wouldn’t leave. I can never achieve this.

The whole lot of people were going through a hopeless situation. When all hope of survival was lost, here comes the words of the prophet Elisha. "This is what the Lord says: About this time tomorrow, a seah of the finest flour will sell for a shekel and two seahs of barley for a shekel at the gate of Samaria.”   

For the people deprived and dying, the words of Elisha were absurd. In such a seemingly hopeless time, for a miracle to happen ‘tomorrow’ sounded ridiculous.

Elisha’s words did come to pass. The dreadful famine disappeared in a day’s time, in a way that the people couldn’t have even imagined. However, the doubting officer was not alive to experience it.

At hard times, you need to cling on to hope that wouldn’t disappoint. In Christ, you have endless hope. Don’t give up. Without hope, things get worse soon. God needn’t open heavens for a miracle to take place in your life. A wave of His hand or a mere whisper of His mouth can change what you are going through. 

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Friendly Counsel of God

At different points in time, we seek the counsel of friends, relatives, neighbors or acquaintances. Counsels are sought for several reasons – for simple matters such as finding the best place to host a party or making the right investment plan to more important issues such as choosing the right career, getting into a right job or working out a good marriage. Whatever the reason! Counsels come in handy and are greatly sought after.

But remember the times when we look back and say “Had I not listened to his words!” “My life would’ve been better if I only I had not heeded to…” Such expressions are common and often play a part in everyone’s life.

Although they are easily forgotten in case of trivial matters,  when it comes to more important things in life, a wrong counsel can end up in a wrecked life – failures, broken marriages, failing relationship – things that shatter one’s  faith and break one’s spirit.

Here is when we need a counsel that never fails, counsel that will bring with it peace and prosperity, counsel that overcomes undue circumstances. Where do we find such a counsel?

Job says in 29:4, “when the friendly counsel of God was over my tent” (NKJV). KJV puts this as “…the secret of God was upon my tabernacle.”

A wise counsel is secret to victorious living. Job needn’t had to run here and there in search of this secret as it was always over his tent, gracing his home.

How wonderful to receive a friendly counsel at all times and how much more wonderful if that friendly counsel came from the eternal, all-knowing God Himself!

Are you wondering what the future holds for you? Are you anxious about your life? Are you puzzled about what step to take next or in which direction to move forward?

Allow God to counsel you and direct your paths.

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