Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Math in the Desert

One of the biggest math-miracles is centered around Moses and the Israelites.

In the desert, the Israelites had to get food and how do you feed 3.5 million people? 

According to the quartermaster General of the American army, Moses needed 1500 ton of food daily. A 6-km long freight train would be needed to transport the food.

The food had to be cooked with firewood and you must remember: they were in the desert. 4000 ton of wood would be needed per day and again a few freight trains, each approximately 2-km long, to transport the wood.

Something to think about: they moved through the desert for 40 years.

What about water? Just enough to drink and wash-up a little, they would need 50 million litre each day and a freight train with tankers, approximately 19-km long, would be needed to bring the water. 

There were only a few waterholes in the desert. How did they get enough water?

Another thing!

They had to pass through the Red Sea in one night! If they had a footpath where they walked two-two at a time, the line would be 1280-km long and it would take them 35 days and nights to pass through. 

So, there must have been a path through the Red Sea of about 5-km wide for 5000 people to be able to walk beside each other in go.

Another problem: they had to camp each night. A camping sight of 1200 square meter was needed, that is 40-km wide and 48-km long.

Do you think Moses had it all worked out to the finest detail before the big move?

No, he was only an ordinary man with a unwavering faith in GOD! GOD would take care of everything! Come, take courage, you with all your problems.

Guess what?  ... We serve the same GOD!!!

HE has never changed, and if HE could resolve all Moses' problems, HE will also resolve your problems!
All we need is an unwavering faith in GOD!

*Taken from an anonymous source.

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