Wednesday, 24 October 2012

His Love Knows No Bounds

What is love? Often our ideas of love gravitate towards the love of parents, siblings or spouses. All of these are representative of the selfish love of humans.
To understand what love truly is, only God can epitomise and define.
The greatest experience I've had in my life is the awakening of my knowledge that I have a father who adopted me to be his very own child.

For thousands of years in the history, even God's people didn't understand that He wanted to be their Father. So the Lord had to burst onto the human scene in Jesus and reveal his deep desire that He loved to be our Father. The God who set the stars in the sky knows us so well as to know even the number of the hairs on our heads!  He is a Father who provides for our needs and cares about our every concern. Even the most vulnerable beings can reach out to God, call him ‘Daddy’ and be welcomed into His arms of love and comfort.

Never forget, each one of us is dearly loved by our Heavenly Father!

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