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There are 3 types of people in this world.
1. Rationalist: These are the people who say there is no God. They do not believe in the existence of God.
2. Ridicule: These are the ones who believe in God, but they feel it silly to speculate about spirits being fried in fiery place. They don’t believe in spirits, hell or heaven.
3. Religion: Their main question is ‘Hey man, you worship God of love. How can such a loving God send you to fire?

Luke 16:19-31 talks of the rich man and Lazarus. It is believed to be a parable by many. But it is not so. It’s apparently a true incident that took place. Parable never uses any name. Eg., the parable of lost coin, lost sheep, lost son and so on..

Here, from this passage, we can know what is hell?
There was a rich man, and another poor man named Lazarus. v 19 says, this poor man ate from the rich man’s table. The dogs licked his sores. On the other hand, the poor man lived a comfortable and luxurious life.
v 22-23: When both of them died, the rich man was buried and he went to hell, but the angels carried the poor man to heaven.

1. Hell is real.
Many Christians themselves deny the existence of hell. But Jesus here talks of the true incident that actually took place. Hence, the presence of hell as real as the existence of earth.

2. Hell is a place of agony and pain.
The rich man was tormented in hell, it’s a place of torment.

3. Hell is a place where one can see
The rich man looked at Lazarus sitting on Abraham’s lap.

4. Hell is a place where one can feel.
The Bible says the rich man was in torment. He could feel and experience the pain.

5. Hell is a place of thirst.
v.24: I am in agony in this fire. He thirsted for just a drop of water. He asked Abraham to allow Lazarus to just dip his finger in water and cool his tongue. Perhaps, his whole tongue would have dried to such great extent that he longed just for a touch with water.

6. Hell is a place of remembrance.
v 25: The verse says, “Son, remember that in your life time…….”. Yes, it’s a place of remembrance. You will be reminded of everything that happened when you where on earth.

7. Hell is a place of unanswered prayers.
John 14:14 is an excellent promise verse to the Christians. It says ‘If you ask anything in my name, I will do it. ‘The verse holds well as long as you live on earth.’ But in hell, No matter how much you cry out, your prayers will remain unanswered. The rich man cried out. He wanted a relief from the torment. But his request was denied.

8. Hell is place of separation.
v 26: We see Abraham’s reply in this verse. A great chamber was fixed between them so that none could enter from hell to heaven or from heaven to hell.

9. Hell is a place where we remember our friends and colleagues.
v 27: The rich man remembered his 5 brothers. He thought of their pitiful state if they too come to hell. Only now on earth, we have the opportunity to share the gospel with our friends and colleagues. Later, we will not be given any opportunity.

10. Hell is a place of darkness.
Yes, hell is a place of utter darkness.

11. Hell is a place of no chances.
Once a person enters hell, no further chances will be given. Later, there is no use repenting. That will become our ultimate destiny.

We are in the last days. Every prophecy mentioned in Mt. 24 are getting fulfilled now a days. And it is in our hands whether to choose heaven or hell. God leaves the final choice to us. He left Adam to choose between life and death. Similarly the choice today is in our hands. Heaven or hell is not in the hands of God, but it is in our hands. Hell is a place reserved for the devil and his angels according to Mt 25:41. Let us make the right choice and inherit the eternal blessings reserved for us.

- Rev. Justin Enos

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